“Richard Croft’s off-stage Quint is eerily seductive.… The whole is a musical feast and an understated provocation.”

“Richard Croft’s multi-layered reading of the Captain skillfully blended the assumptions of class privilege with both an awareness of his weakness as a leader and his aspirations toward a more humane society. His abandonment of Billy was unquestionably a betrayal — of the sailor and of himself.”

“The tenor Richard Croft, whose beautiful vocalism is so suited to Mozart and Handel, made an ideal Gandhi, giving the character a single-minded intensity that was both practical and saintly.”

“Richard Croft gave an indelible performance as Gandhi, his fine-grained tenor at once fragile and commanding–limitless power within a slender frame.”

“Mr. Croft gives an outstanding portrayal of the ruler incapable of action while deploying his velvety tenor with regal stylishness. His delivery of the challenging ‘Fuor del mar’ is technically stunning, yet the aria emerges as the recognizable product of a tormented soul.”

“The tenor Richard Croft brought aching poignancy to the role of Gandhi.”

Channeling Gandhi

“Twenty years into his career, Richard Croft is still giving performances that feed the illusion that he has come out of nowhere, startling unfamiliar audiences with a sound that is memorable for its unforced purity and elegance.”

“Richard Croft is everything you could want, combining emotional depth with musical refinement and precisely the vocal agility the part demands.”

“And at a long evening’s end, when the American tenor Richard Croft cast a neo-Wagnerian spell, he did so to offer guidance for enriching the wayward world that we were about to reenter… Croft’s Verdian rapture and Mozartian purity were just the beginnings of his creation of an imagined character.”

A Change of Pace

“Meeting somewhere in the middle of these two aphorisms is Richard Croft; a tenor who realizes that, in order to survive in the world of professional singing, it’s not only essential to embrace change, but at times to advocate for it.”

“The first impression is of simple beauty: a tenor voice, cushioned by the ebb and flow of repeating cadences from the orchestra… Croft gave himself utterly to Gandhi, investing the role with a fitting, radiant simplicity… The final act is a masterpiece of the power of simplicity.”

“Richard Croft sings with outstanding beauty and artistry”

“Richard Croft’s noble Idomeneo rank(s) with the best on disc.”

“Richard Croft confirmed himself the world’s leading interpreter of the title role in a glorious Ravinia debut.”

“Friday’s opening performance (a Sunday matinee also was offered) was dominated by Croft’s towering performance as Idomeneo. A deeply expressive singer and a compelling stage presence, the American tenor caught the heroic, tragic dimension of his role. In his big showpiece aria in the second act, ‘Fuor del mar,’ he made each embellishment speak volumes about the terrible emotional conflicts raging within the king.”

Classic Talk: The Croft Brothers

Classic Talk hosts Bing and Dennis speak with opera tenor Richard Croft.

“Richard Croft’s Idomeneo [is] sung with ravishing beauty of tone and a sure sense of style.”

“That warmth provided a sensitive foundation to support a cast headed by Richard Croft as Gandhi. His subtly shaded tenor and exquisite phrasing communicated deeply, and he brought a transfixing, golden tone to the final passage, when Gandhi sings an ascending scalelike melody 30 times — as haunting as any coda I know in music.”

“Heading the cast is Richard Croft, singing Gandhi. He is one of the finest lyric tenors of our time. Richard is pretty much unbeatable in Handel and Mozart. And he may be modest by nature (although not modestly talented). Faced with wild applause on Friday night, he would barely bow, eager to join his castmates in the line. The part of Gandhi tests the middle and lower registers of a tenor’s range, and Mr. Croft’s were not found wanting. And his higher notes were exemplary. In addition, Mr. Croft has the ability to sing in a fashion both lyrical and clarion. That is a rare and valuable trick.”

“Richard Croft had deepened his already profound Gandhi, singing with a beauty befitting Monteverdi: this was surely some of the most gorgeous male vocalism in recent Met decades.”

“A favourite for his agile, superbly clear voice, wedded to apt style, and for his intelligence and commitment. “

“The great Mozart tenor Richard Croft, as Ubaldo, treated us to the evening’s most distinguished singing.”

“Croft [is] unforgettably expressive and dulcet in this role debut.”